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1  FTV Girls  24th October, 2012
A triumph! Never before has a porn site been so beautiful it brought a tear to my hog's eye on entry. [More]
2  Teenage Dreams  24th October, 2012
I tell you what, I was not expecting Teen Dreams to be as great as this. [More]
3  Video Box  4th October, 2012
To say that this site was the bargain of the century would be the understatement. [More]
4  SimonScans  24th October, 2012
Oh this is right up my street (and I'm sure some of these girls are). [More]
5  Abby Winters  4th October, 2012
After hearing nothing but praise for Abby Winters I was slightly nervous about reviewing it in case it didn't meet up to its hype. [More]
6  Suze.Net  8th September, 2004
Throw away your shoes, jackets, and all other garments of clothing that you generally need for going outside. There is nothing for you out there. Not for as long as this site is in existence. [More]
7  Porn Access  24th November, 2004
One Password...infinite porn! [More]
8  Girls Out West  29th December, 2004
The thing about anarcho-amateur-alternaporn is that the girls are very much more polarising in how attractive people find them. [More]
9  Boobcamp  3rd March, 2005
This site is so superb, that I can't imagine it's ever had any knockers. [More]
10  Videosz  17th July, 2005
Seven hundred and thirty four DVDs... and counting. No download limits, new DVDs added every day... I'm still waiting to find the catch. [More]
11  GirlsDotCom  24th October, 2012
Forget run-of-the-mill sites where the sex comes first and the girls come second (no pun intended) - this is a site for girl lovers to explore their chosen specialist subject! [More]
12  Mandi Rose Fanelli  20th September, 2005
Until I reviewed this site I'd never heard of Mandi Rose Fanelli - but, oh boy - it's a name I won't forget in a hurry! [More]
13  Mistress Jennifer  11th October, 2005
Mistress Jennifer claims to be safe, sane and sensual. [More]
14  Eros, Logos  23rd October, 2005
Sex blogs are ten a penny these days, but there are very few that are actually worth reading. [More]
15  Twistys  3rd October, 2012
Centrefolds everywhere! Seriously, all over the place! I think I might explode! [More]
16  Pantygirl - Tina Maria - UK Amateur  25th November, 2005
Every now and then you run into an amateur site on the web that puts the professionals to shame. [More]
17  Earl Miller  8th October, 2012
Arise, Sir Earl! What a way to upset the quiet passage of a Sunday afternoon - with one of the finest sites you are likely to encounter. [More]
18  UK Amateurs Sex Land  31st January, 2006
One of the most professional amateur sites around, if that sentence even makes sense, UK Amateur Sex Land quickly won me over. [More]
19  Model Flats  10th February, 2006
I'm going to start packing up my stuff in the hope of moving next door to these Model Flats. [More]
20  Sammy4u  8th October, 2012
Meet Sammy: an all American blonde with a keen interest in all things sex. [More]
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