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We Need New Talents

We all have dreams of the perfect job; bed tester for IKEA, quality assurance for Cadburys and Sports Illustrated photographer come to mind, but I guess auditioning potential porn stars has to be somewhere up there too.

Web Mature

If you like your girls’ a little more mature then webmature is the site for you.

Web Voyeur

Bit of a feeling of déjà vu with this site.

Wet Wild and Wasted

Wet, Wild and Wasted - just how I like my ladies.

What French Girls Know

And what I know is that French girls can make my knees go wobbly from several hundred miles away.

Whipped Ass

Ouch! I won't be able to sit down for a week and I only watched the video clips! This is some serious stuff!

White Girls Black Cocks

If you've ever heard the phrase: "Once you’ve had black, you’ll never go back?" this site would certainly seem to suggest that it's not just an old wives tale.

White Meat on Black Street

It's not often that I can say that I've been genuinely scared by a porn site, but that was certainly the case here.

White Pussy Black Cocks

Or 'black poles stuffed in white holes' as I saw it described as at some point.

White Teens Black Cocks

This one almost scores an extra mark for its highly amusing Carry On-esque layout.


Now, a lot of people like to see one or two girls being gangbanged by a load of blokes.

Wifey's World

Put a group of lads, any lads, into a pub. Supply them with a few pints to loosen them up. Give them a pen and a piece of paper and ask them to, collectively, draw their dream wife. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Wifey.

WildDolls Broadband Movies

Something of a confusing name for a site still finding its feet.

Will She Gag?

Another reason why MakeBling could be THE collective to watch in the future.

Wives Gone Black

Who else initially thought MILF stood for Melons Instituted Lisa Faulkner? Just me then, I guess.

Wives in Panyhose

A rather unusual site this.

World of Celebs

It's not so much a world of celebs as a small town, or maybe a hamlet.

World Sex

Roll up, roll up, get yer free porn links 'ere - again.

World Sex Archives

WorldSexArchives.com is an online discussion forum providing information about sex-for-hire around the world.


Apparently all German celebrity sites have to have the words 'world', 'of' and 'celebs' in the title.

Worldwide Wives

Worldwide Wives set the tone for their site by turning one of the 'W's in their logo into a pair of cartoon tits.


Is Royal Cams a regal success or does it commit treason against good porn?

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My suspicion is that this review will prove utterly superfluous and thoroughly redundant. One look at the guest page, and you'll either be leaping for your credit card, or for some kind of industrial eyewash.

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