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Sado Slaves

For those of you who regard S&M as a bit of whipping and a ball-gag, this is going to be a serious culture shock.

Salimbo Teenage Amateurs

Teenage Amateurs, hmm? How exactly would you become a professional teenager? Would you need a certificate or something? Or are those not the kind of credentials they look for?!


Meet Sammy: an all American blonde with a keen interest in all things sex.

Sandy's Fantasies

Funnily enough, a lot of Sandy's fantasies are the same as my own.

Sapphic Erotica

'Pretty Girls Doing It Right!' exclaims this site. But how do you do it 'wrong'? Try fisting a knee? Hmm.

School Bus Chicks

Otto from The Simpsons is going to be so jealous if he ever sees this site.

School Girl Pink

Almost outrageously sexy teen site that really drags everything it can out of the school uniform fetish.


Score has opened its archives for you. Specialising in all things busty, it does also have lots of other content.


It's sites like this that will put the local newsagent out of business!

Seanna Teen

Seanna Teen brings us another young, amateur model with a seemingly endless collection of skimpy clothes and a love of playing to the cameras.

Secret Sarah

Not so secret any more, I would wager.

See Her Squirt

Get your umbrella and your raincoat because there's a flood on the way!

SeGu Sweet Teen TGP

It's a really crap name for a site, isn't it? Just look at it.

Send Your Secretary

So, just what IS it about secretaries? Is it the glasses? The short skirts? The tights? Or is their vast supply of biros? Whatever the reason, secretaries are sexy.

Sensual Project

Sensual Project does erotica so well, that it makes you wonder how other sites often get things wrapped so firmly – but unfortunately never fatally – round their necks.

Serena Swallows

"Serena Swallows: A good little cum-swallowing teen" - all you need to know about the content is contained in the site name itself!

Seventeen Live

There seems to be something about the girls from the old Soviet Union who just seem to enjoy themselves more.

Seventeen Video

Seventeen is a strange brand.

Sex All Night Long

Don't be fooled by the site's title - you'll be tucked up in bed nice and early once you've got through all this site has to offer.

Sex Casting Video

If I were the one casting this video, I'm afraid I'd be continuously shouting, "Next!"

Sex Girl XXX

At one point browsing through links originating from SexGirlXXX, I wondered if I would EVER actually find any porn.

Sex News Daily

Sex News Daily provides pretty much everything its title would suggest; frequently sourced news items reasonably united by the one thing that, in some way or another, we all have in common…SEX!

Sex Thalia

Stop me if you've heard this one. It's a solo site, right.

Sexy Miss Lizz

Sexy Miss Lizz is one of those sites that immediately makes you feel at home; and with a 40 year old housewife with a bulging boob job for company, is a treat for those who like the older, more experienced type.

Sexy Sabrina

At what point in pornography was it decided that 95% of all cumshots should be done squarely in the face? I can't imagine a white paper ever went through the Commons about it.

Sexy Secrets

I don't mind saying that I have no idea what this site is meant to be, nor who it's meant to be aimed at.

Sexy Solo Sluts

Let's see... Sexy? Check! Solo? Check! Sluts? ...I think I should watch a few more of these videos to find out.


I wish I was a sophisticated enough guy to chuckle knowingly at over-polished porn.

Seymour pussy

The name of the site sounds like a character from a Carry On film.

Shadowplay Imaging

One of the enduring legacies of Pulp Fiction is that any images you see of anyone wearing a ball gag these days instantly causes most people to comment, "Bring out the gimp."

Shannon Secret

So just what is Shannon's Secret I hear you ask? Well, in her own words, she's a "tiny, kinky, blonde hottie from Central Florida with 6 Live Apartment Cams!"

Shave Asian

Judging by the 'bald as a coot' status of most ladies' genitalia in porn these days, I wouldn't have imagined that a site dedicated to that status was entirely necessary.

She Pees

Only in the strange world of porn are bodily functions celebrated.

Shelby Bell

With any site dedicated to a solitary star, a lot has to depend on how pleasing they are to the peepers, and that all important ‘Would I DO them?’ question has to be popped.

Gay: Shemalemov

Your own private shemale video library.

Shocking Girls

ARRRGGGH! GIRLS! How shocking! Oh, sorry, I think I was method acting there for a moment.

Shocking Parties

Nothing to do with the state of New Labour, I assure you, and I NEVER want to see Tony Blair in any porn I review.

Show Me Your Wife

A more appropriate request would be 'Show Me Your Site', since it took me a while to find the right window after wading through all the pop-ups that greeted me here.

Sicko Games

Well, it's certainly not the Olympics, I'll say that much.

Silverstone Video

I should probably do a dreadful Alicia gag here to start this with, but I'll resist just this once.

Simone de Berry

What happens when you mix politics and porn? Other than a parliamentary scandal, I mean.


Oh this is right up my street (and I'm sure some of these girls are).

Sin Is Her

Shannon is very nice indeed.

Skunk Riley

Skunk Riley is dedicated to the adventures of the man himself as he travels the world on the look out for women to ‘Skunk’’.


Yes, it's arty. But no, after the first few minutes you won't even notice it.

Sleaze Frame

I have fond memories of sneaking downstairs in the early hours of the morning to record those TV movies, safe in the knowledge that you were bound to sneak a peek at Molly Ringwald’s cherry cupcakes.

Slut Toons

Let's hope these hentai animators never get hold of Scooby Doo.

Slutty Mamma

Now THIS is a MILF site!

SoCal Coeds

If we're to believe and add up the amount of 'college girl' porn sites now in existence, then we would have to conclude that there isn't a single American female student left who hasn't done a porn shoot.

Solo Scenes

Did you ever wake up in the morning thinking, "Damn, I wish there was a way to find all the masturbation scenes from movies and TV in one place“? Erm, well, no, neither did I.

Sophie BBW

For me, the most exciting part of this site was the front page, where I had to click on Sophie's boobs to enter.

Southern Cross Vision

I was half-way through reviewing this antipodean site when their server melted, exploded, or otherwise stopped, well, serving. That was a few months ago. Now they're back on their feet, what's new?

Splosh Me

Someone get the soap and a sponge! These are some seriously filthy girls - and not in the usual porn sense!

Sport Erotica

I was REALLY looking forward to reviewing this site, as sport porn isn't something I've ever seen before.

Spring Break Hoes

I wonder how the wet t-shirt contest was invented.

Squirter's Paradise

Good female ejaculation sites are about as common as the post arriving on time.


There are few things more infuriating than a site that you know should be great, but it has one huge but easily fixable problem that is stopping it.

Steal Your Bitch

Oh for goodness sake, what is the world coming to? Some people will steal anything that's not nailed down!

Stink Fillers

The name of this site shouldn't be funny, but it just is.

Straight to the Sphincter

I'm going to do this review in the style of Beavis & Butthead.


The question is - how many bad 'strap' jokes did I reject for this review? Answer - many.

Street Blow Jobs

Here's an old formula that I hold close to my heart.

Street Fuckers

Something of a misnomer, methinks.

Strictly Broadband

As the DVD rental via the internet revolution really starts to take off, here's an even more discreet take on the revolution.

Strip Club Exposed

A peculiar start to a run of TripleX Cash sites about to be reviewed here on SLW.

Strip Game Central

StripGameCentral is an unusual site that caters for a particular fetish - watching women takes off their clothes.

Gay: Stud Toons

If you’ve ever had a dirty thought about He-Man, or fantasised about how Streetfighter’s Ryu would perform on the mat with his karate kit around his ankles, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this site.

Suburban Amateurs

Although I’m sure many would argue that this doesn’t really qualify as an ‘amateur’ site at all, it’s crammed so full of beautifully British babes (and six bonus sites) that such arguments are purely an afterthought.

Suckers And Strange Cocks

Sounding more like a prog rock album than a porn site, this is another Brazilian test of your sanity.


If you're not, like me, genetically evolved to breathe porn, be very careful, please...Suicide Girls presents a serious risk of drowning.

Super Glam

I was fearful that I was going to open this site up and be presented with Noddy Holder doing something I really don't want to see Noddy Holder doing.


Hmm. You'd better have your Portuguese-To-English Collins Gem handy for this one.


Throw away your shoes, jackets, and all other garments of clothing that you generally need for going outside. There is nothing for you out there. Not for as long as this site is in existence.

Swallow Every Drop

Call me Mr Picky of Pickyville, Pickyzona, but I don't really see the point of this site.

Sweet Amylee

"She tastes like a peach" said Christian Slater's Clarence Worley to on-screen father Dennis Hopper's Clifford in director Tony Scott’s epic True Romance.

Sweet Auditions

I guess on audition porn sites the old theory about picturing the interviewers naked to relax you is rendered rather pointless.

Sweet Models

Sometimes a site's reputation preceeds it and despite being very good, it ends up being slightly disappointing.

Swinging Heaven

This is just brilliant.

Sybian Lounge

How does the Sybian Lounge differ to your lounge at home?

Sybian World

Well, I've never seen anything quite like this before. I'm not sure I ever will again.


Making a solo performer site work really well is one of the hardest things to do in internet adult entertainment, but Szandora has just about managed it.

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