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Nasty Angels

If you look through the Self-Lover's World teen archives, you'll see we've reviewed not one bad site in this category in the year we've been around. Nasty Angels certainly doesn't change that situation.

Nasty Housewives

What is it with these housewives these days? They're either desperate or nasty or both.

Nasty Lidya

Nasty Lidya is an amateur site in the best sense of the word.

Naughty Blonde Hottie

Ahh... anyone fancy a trip to San Francisco?

Naughty Little Nymphs

Take a good look at the warning page to Naughty Little Nymphs.

Naughty Nerd

The last nerd I met was a trainspotter called Kevin, who had dandruff, a lisp and a dufflecoat.

Naughty Office

Fed up of Ricky Gervais and that bloody dance? Here's an alternative office that I think you'll quite enjoy.


The naughtiness up for grabs in NaughtyMag is a far cry from knocking on people’s front doors and running away or putting salt in the sugar bowl.

Nebraska Coeds

This site is all about real young people having real fun and believe me you will have real fun when you see what these horny girls get up to. I know that I did!

Never Done That Before

Here's an object lesson as to why you shouldn't submit your site for review before it's really ready.

New Nude City

Pack your bags, grab your passport and book your holidays now - New Nude City is the only place to go this year.

Next Door Nikki

Why don't I have neighbours like this? I'm definitely going to move.

Night Club Girls

The first thing I wondered about this site is if I'd been under 18 and tried to sneak in, whether or not a large neanderthal bloke would throw me into the street if I'd been caught.

No Cum Dodging Allowed

Meat Members' quest to produce the most unsubtle porn site names on the internet continues - shame the site isn't quite as grand.

Not Chic

This is the first porn site I've reviewed that has tried to put me off at every turning.

Now That's Fucked Up

On the contrary, I'd say this is pretty far from fucked up.


You know you've been watching too much Phoenix Nights when you visit a great site like this, see one of the girls is called Ravon, and instead of immediately drooling over her you suddenly find yourself saying "Shabba!"

Nude 2 Rude

Give seven slim sexy girls a few toys and specula, a few glasses of wine, a camera and camcorder and Nude2Rude is what you get!

Nude Illusion

The complete opposite to most things reviewed on Self Lover's World, I believe Loaded magazine would term the content of this site as 'rude art'.

Gay: Nuts on Sluts

In line with recent calls for an international pun crimes tribunal, I would like an ancillary body to look into bad rhymes.

Nylon Passion

I think pantyhose are becoming a bit of a fetish for me since I started reviewing for SLW.

Nympho Girl

Nympho Girl tells us, "If my ear canals were wide enough, I'd like it in the ear".

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