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Hands on Hardcore

And to be honest, who wouldn't want to get their hands on this particular brand of stylish hardcore?

Hardcore Fiesta

Hardcore? You know the score.

Hardcore Honeyz

One day all porn sites will look like this.

Hardcore Mature And Young

Like me, did you think that old ladies only liked sucking Werther's Originals? This site will change your opinion.

Hardcore Strapon

Produced under the watchful (and scary) supervision of fetish queen Brittany Andrews, Hardcore Strapon is a cracking site in more ways than one.

Hardcore Teens

No wonder teenagers get a bad name in society if they're all getting up to things like this.

Hardcore Training

I used to have a T-shirt that said ‘Porn Star in Training’, but I never realized they so vigorously put potential porn girls through their pre-production paces.


From the rather basic front page, you´d be forgiven for assuming Hardtied is a cheap and nasty site. Or rather, you wouldn't be forgiven - you'd be subjected to all manner of ropes, cable ties and probing with dildos on sticks.

Heavy Knockers

Apparently this is the 'Largest selection of humongous tits available on the net!' The lack of Harry Knowles must surely put paid to that claim.

Hegre Archives

If you prefer the prettier side of porn, this site might just be the all-time great you've been waiting for.

Helen Volga

Sometimes you're just in the mood to see some beautiful, nude women.

Hentai Movie Archive

Woah. Animation has come a LONG way since Steamboat Willy, if you know what I mean.

Hentai Video World

Once again proving that cartoons are not only for kids, Hentai Video World gives adults an opportunity to get in on the action, too!


One word of warning right from the outset - turn your speaker volume down before the nice Anime lady makes you jump out of your skin and alerts the entire household to the fact that you're browsing hentai!

Her First Anal Sex

Loosely based round a ‘pop the girl’s anal cherry’ premise, this is basically a pristine porno portal leading to stacks of bang up-to-date dirty stuff from a Webmaster who really knows how to show their members a good time.

Her First Big Cock

The first question that came to mind was: ‘Is this her first ever cock that just happens to be big, or are these girls familiar with ‘hide the sausage’ but have only played it with chipolatas before?

Her First Lesbian Sex

This is yet another twist on the ‘reality’ porn surge and one for those with a penchant for girl on girl action.

Her Sweet Hand

You've no idea how difficult it was to restrain myself from the thousands of awful 'hand' gags I planned to start this review with.


It's a voyeur lover's paradise! And you don't even need your own binoculars to enjoy the goods!

Gay: His First Gay Sex

“Wanna fuck a straight guy? We’ll show you the tricks.”

Home Cumers

'Cumer' or 'cummer'? Let's call the whole thing off.

Home Mature Orgies

These are real Russian biddies getting hammered on by skinny, dirty looking urchins. But it works.

Homegrown Video

Homegrown video is probably the best amateur site out there.

Homemade Vids

Be it soup, mashed potato or those brilliant football-shaped birthday cakes that your mum used to make, the homemade ones are always the best!

Hood Hunter

Unsurprisingly, little or nothing to do with Little Red Riding Hood or indeed raincoats.

Horny Spanish Flies

Any zoology expected from this site dissipates as soon as the home page loads up.

Hot Legs and Feet

As ZZ Top once so eloquently put it, "She's got legs, she knows how to use 'em!".

Hot OC Babes

Let's just check out the title first, shall we? Are they babes? Most definitely? Are they hot? Well, they seem to feel the need to take their clothes off quite a bit so I'd say they were in danger of perspiring a little.

Hot Outdoor Sex

The girls are pretty and the premise is nice - just what you need to cheer up a rainy British summer - swimming pools, beaches and even, oddly, the sound of dogs barking in the background.

Hot Porn Comics

Who says cartoons are for kids? Hot Porn Comics is a site that sets out to prove that you're never too old!

Hot Sexy Plumpers

The English language is crap at words for sexually related topics, isn't it? Is 'plumper' really the best we can come up with for the bigger ladies? Blimey Charlie.


It's one of those sites that doesn't do what it says on the tin, really.

Hottest Celebrity Videos

Before you ask, yes, it does have the Paris Hilton sex tape.

Housewyfe & Caveman: a sex blog

Housewyfe & Caveman might sound like a Vaudeville double act, but they are in fact the stars of a stand-out blog in a crowded field.

Huge Dicks Little Chicks

I don't know about you, but I'd very much look forward to a sister site to this site that was called Little Dicks Huge Chicks that would presumably be subtitled 'Like flying a model plane into the Grand Canyon' if they had anything to do with it.

Huge Real Boobs

The most fun you'll have with this site is spotting which boobs are real and which aren't.


Hurrah for Larry Flynt and all at Hustler.

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