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Fantasy Handjobs

I guessed this would be a bit like Fantasy Football except with more points for an assist.

Fast Times At Nau

'Nau' stands for 'Naughty America University'. Just in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't. Shit.

Faye and Sandie

These infamous and self-proclaimed ‘cum-sluts’ are two of the most eager, camera-hungry performers the UK scene has to offer.

Fem Flood

Floods are usually a bad thing. Usually they are accompanied by lots of people running around with sandbags and bailing water out of their kitchen.

Female POV

Now here's a novelty - an inversion of the traditional gonzo themes.

FEMJOY Pure Nudes

Welcome to a land where unfeasibly gorgeous girls bathe in naturally formed volcanic pools; where purified, pouting teens contort against the slats of Venetian blinds - their bodies bathed in fragmented sunlight.

Fetish Artworks

A splendid antidote to all those hentai sites out there.

Fetish Beholder

Fetish Beholder just might be the average femdom fan's idea of heaven.

Fetish Hell

Or rather, just 'hell' would suffice as the title here.


Oh, how I love the way online adult entertainment never fails to confound and confuse me.

Film Erotica

A slightly misleading title for this London-based site which will hopefully restore some English pride after that clown David James' clanger last week.

Finest Models

You know those pretty girl sites? No hardcore but plenty of hard stares? Well this is kinda one of those but for your classic American 'porn stars'.

Fiona Luv

“Now that I’m legal, come see what I like to do on camera,” says the youthful ‘free spirit’ that is Fiona.

First Time Auditions

It seems to me that there are more auditions in porn than in any other industry.

Fisting Lessons

Now these are some stretchy ladies.

Fisting Quest

The name of this site doesn't leave a lot to imagination.

Foot Fetish Bitch

Although it may masquerade as a dreadful pun, I do actually mean it when I say that foot fetish fans are going to be disappointed with some of the footage here.

Football Babes

Football Babes. Babes posing next to footballs, goal mouths, and wearing shoddy knock-off kits the like of which even my local market wouldn't dare sell. I'm not a big fan of football, since you can't easily chase after treasure-laden galleons if you have to stop every three seconds to scoop the ball out of the sea.

Fox Fire Girls

Sounds more like a 1980s TV action series, doesn't it? But there are no talking cars or aviaphobic hard men here, just an extremely promising adult site.

Frank Wank

You've got to love Meat Members and their brilliantly unsubtle site names.

Freakish Cocks

If looking at huge throbbing cocks is your thing, you’re in for a treat.

Free Amateur Girls

For a totally free site just finding its web-feet (geddit?), I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of pictures on offer.

Free Dirty Porn

As opposed to clean porn where everyone keeps their clothes on, watches Antiques Roadshow, and listens to the New Seekers presumably?

Free Girl XXX

The main thing I'd like to say about this site is ARRRRRRRRRRGH.

Free Sex Movies

Let's face it - you can never have enough free porn movies, can you? Unfortunately, neither does this site.

Free sexy gallery

HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD! ABOUT BLOODY TIME! And other joyful proclamations! A free link site that WORKS! And it's good!

Free sexy pix and videos

The sister site of the excellent Free Sexy Gallery, this one is actually quite unnecessary in some ways containing as it does about a quarter of that site's content.

Free X Film

Hooray! Just what we need! Another free link site! Where the links don't take you to what they say they will all the time! Wonderful! Let's get the flag out!

French Movie Babes

What can I say but, ooh la la! French babes aplenty!


Ahh, French women; one of my favourite subjects.

FTV Girls

A triumph! Never before has a porn site been so beautiful it brought a tear to my hog's eye on entry.

Fuck XRated

The world of online self-loving material is getting more and more complicated these days and sometimes it's good to just go back to basics.

Fucking Machines

Machines were never like this in I, Robot.


Not a new type of wrestling move, in case you're wondering.

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