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Earl Miller

Arise, Sir Earl! What a way to upset the quiet passage of a Sunday afternoon - with one of the finest sites you are likely to encounter.


EasyX may sound more like the name of a washing powder, but that's where any links with anything clean end.

Ebony Cafe

I would like to drink copiously from the EbonyCafe.

Ebony Joy

To paraphrase from an episode of Drop The Dead Donkey, what bloody idiot named this 'joy'?

Ed Powers

One of my all time favourites. Ed Powers is the king of gonzo.


I'm not sure yet if I love Ellie Luv.


Ellyart is a small and personal offering from British photographer Elly Russell; her passions romantically revealed through her own artistic eye.

Enemas (real!), Anal Play and Watersports

The name really says it all, but rarely have I seen a site so lovingly dedicated to its subject matter.

Eros, Logos

Sex blogs are ten a penny these days, but there are very few that are actually worth reading.

Erotic BPM

Now here's an original spin on the bizarre concept - a site for rave erotica!

Erotic Film Stars

I think this site goes a long way to proving that deja vu isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Erotic Nymphets

What exactly is Erotic Nymphets? I'm not really sure to tell you the truth.

Erotic Pulse

There's dirty sleazy porn, there's carnal arthouse, and somewhere between the two, closer to the latter than the former, is Erotic Pulse.


I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I'm head over heels for ErotiCandy.


The Godzilla of online dating sites - except probably less damaging to Japanese city scapes.


Sacre bleu! The last I heard the EU were trying to straighten out our British bananas - I wasn't aware they had planned on using sites like this to carry out their intentions though.

Euro Girls

I can say without hesitation or fear of disagreement from you, the punter, that everybody loves free porn.

Euro Movie Babes

Any site that features Asia Argento and Monica Belucci on the front page is most certain to grab this reviewer's attention.

Euro Sex Parties

This is the story of two best friends (Renato and Chucky) travelling around Europe and, in their own words, "banging every thing in site" [sic].

Euro Teens XXX

Euroteensxxx is a high quality gonzo-style reality site in the great tradition of bangbus and its imitators.

European Glamour Girls

Though constructed with a concept that is hardly flushed with youth, sites like these are so difficult to criticise.

European Sex Show Videos

Well I never! I'm sure you can't do that in public! Oh well, too late...

Evelyn Lory

Some ‘solo’ sites so easily lose their appeal; the majority defined by a nondescript single white female, unimaginative locations and the same old predictable poses.

Evgenia Eremina Shrine

Aside from having some pictures of an attractive Russian adult model this site is perhaps the most annoying that I have ever reviewed.

Exciting Illusions

The first thing that strikes you about this site is its rather uninspired title, that really does what is an extrenely promising site no favours at all.

Exclusive Porn Comics

They say you learn something new every day, and today the thing I have learned is that, according to one comic, the sound it makes when you pull on a rubber glove is: "SKVeeZzZ"!

Excuse Me Club

I've been a huge fan of Horny Harry and Excuuuuuuuusee MMMeeeeee RAAAA HAAAA HAAA my whole (porn) life.


Oh mange tout, mange tout! This site is magnifique.

Exploited Black Teens

I do like a porn site title that gets straight to the point.

Exploring Natalie

As with all new porn sites, subscribing to them in their formative stages is something of a leap of faith, but especially so in the case of 'solo' porn sites.

Explosive Pass

Explosive pass? Boom! The best thing about Explosive Pass is access to a lot of different porn sites.

Extreme Holly

Holly is not your average porn star - and her site is all the better for it!

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