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Meet Sammy: an all American blonde with a keen interest in all things sex.

Porn Access

One Password...infinite porn!


Over 1000 pretty girls, high quality vids and thanks to the weak dollar, all of this comes for the highly reasonable price of around £20.

Cover My Face

According to Introduction To The Human Body, fifth edition by G J Tortora & S R Grabowski, the average human male ejaculate measures between 2.5 and 5.0ml. That means that the volume of manfat jettisoned over these lovely girls' faces totals close to one litre of spooge.

Amateur Allure

My god, I can't believe my eyes. This is perfect. An amateur site where the girls actually appear to be amateur. Can this be true?

One Girl a Day

I've clinically tested (the best kind of testing as any advertising exec will tell you) this site on many medical types, and can assure you that One Girl A Day definitely does not keep the doctor away.

The ATK Galleria

If you have to, delete some bookmarks to make room for a new one- ATK Galleria.

The ATM Machine

OK, so Iíll admit that I was a little concerned this site would be one of those fetish offerings dedicated to guys sticking their dicks in cash machines.

Velvet Ecstasy

An excellent amateur site this with lots of girl next door action.

Rodney Moore

This site was saved at the last minute from getting a terrible review.

Aged and Seasoned

A journey into 2-minute Hell. Well, not Hell perhaps. Let's say Heck.

My Sex Tour

Everybody likes a bargain, don't they?

Anna Miller's Swinger Site

I'm often dissapointed by amateur swinging sites but 4realswingers really does the business.

Please Bang My Wife

I'm not entirely sure that all these couples are married: there can't be that many stunning women who fancy dowdy fat and boring men.

Gay: Nuts on Sluts

In line with recent calls for an international pun crimes tribunal, I would like an ancillary body to look into bad rhymes.

Anal Gaping Videos

If you frequently find yourself daydreaming wistfully about a gaping anus or two, might I take a moment of your time to direct you to a site that may well be the best thing you see all day?

UK Bukkake

Take 1-2 women add a troupe of blokes insert them in a seedy looking hotel room and shake until messy.

Gay: Shemalemov

Your own private shemale video library.

Sexy Sabrina

At what point in pornography was it decided that 95% of all cumshots should be done squarely in the face? I can't imagine a white paper ever went through the Commons about it.

Only Blowjob

This is pleasure heaven.

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Dirty Baby Sitter  
Unlike in the excellent Princess Superstar hit of a similar name, these babysitters don't have their boyfriends in the shower, but they have them pretty much everywhere else in the house.

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