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Video Box

Reviewed by Digital Ecstasy on 4th October, 2012
Video Box
Value for money: 
Av. Reader Rating: 
Action Amateur Anal Asian Black/Inter-racial Blow Jobs Cum-shots Fetish Group Lesbian Teens (18+) Broadband Video
To say that this site was the bargain of the century would be the understatement. For just $9.95 a month you get access to hundreds of hours of celluloid action. If youíre into movies, then this is a site you just have to sign up for as fast as you can type in your credit card number. From anal to fetish, its all here awaiting download.

The site is well thought out and easy to navigate around. Even though it uses a lot of graphics, it still loads quickly and gives you your fix with the least amount of delay. Whatís more, unlike other movie sites that donít show you what goodies are on offer, this site gives you masses of preview scenes so you can choose which film to download in its entirety, or just which clip. You even have a choice of download speed and quality, but with broadband itís got to be hi-res all the way, as this gives you images that will make your eyes water.

Choosing what to look at first is the hard part, as there is so much on offer. You can view the contents of the latest DVDs, or take a look at the latest addition, or what has been the most popular download in your chosen category. You could be here for weeks viewing the content that is already on this site, let alone whatís been added this month. There are some sites that just stand out from the crowd. For movie fans, this site is a Mecca.

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Readers' reviews
Review by Pepe on 10-Jul-08 

" Unbelievable superb. The only site you'll ever need! "

Review by You'rs Truly on 08-Mar-08 

" I absolutely love this site! I've never had a problem with it at all so I cannot comment on the customer service issues some are reporting. As to the download speed, I haven't experienced too much of a slowdown. With the ridiculous amount of content they have and the super simple site navigation I can't imagine ever canceling this subscription! "

Review by medoo on 19-Feb-08 

" i want fuck black woman "

Review by strokerman on 09-Nov-07 

" Very nice site have not had any problems with downloads or anything and cant beat the price either. "

Review by mudshark on 01-May-07 

" the sheer amount of movies you get is kind of ridiculous. definitely better than any other porn site i've joined. "

Review by Big Bru on 18-Apr-07 

" Awesome site, just slow DL time now a days, but has a ton of varied content to DL, great deal "

Review by Cracker on 28-Jan-07 

" Videobox is run by a bunch of pussies. They allow users to post reviews of their content (which is lately all anal or lesbian or softcore fetish garbage) but delete the ones they don't like. They put up clips that download then won't play--nothing but black screens on some no matter whose computer you use. Top that off with Carlos' comment (which is entirely true) that nobody answers your e-mails or gives a shit about the customers, and you are wasting some serious money with VideoBitch. Buy a Hustler and spank it to that. "

Review by anita on 15-Jan-07 

" sexy,good "

Review by Fleshlight Master on 12-Dec-06 

" ** VIDEO BOX PRICE UPDATE ** December 11, 2006 - VideoBox.com has updated (increased) their prices. --------------------------------------------- OLD PRICE PLAN: **NOTE: Subscribers prior to 12/11/06 will continue under the older price plan (as follows) until they cancel their subscription. BASIC: 1 Month Recurring $9.95. Allows access to High, Medium, and Low resolution. PREMIUM: 1 Month Recurring $14.95. Allows access to DVD resolution in addition to High, Medium, and Low resolution. --------------------------------------------- NEW BASIC PRICE PLAN: Allows access to High, Medium, and Low resolution only. The new price plan only applys to new and returning subscribers. You will choose one of three options: OPTION 1: 1 Month Recurring $17.95 per month until canceled. OPTION 2: 5 Month Recurring - 33% off $11.87/month ($59.37 charged every 5 months until canceled) OPTION 3: 10 Month NON-Recurring - 44% off $9.95/month ($99.51 charged one time only, NO REBILLS) --------------------------------------------- NEW PREMIUM PRICE PLAN: ** Estimated ** (Not shown on website) Allows access to DVD resolution in addition to High, Medium, and Low resolution. The new price plan only applys to new and returning subscribers. You will choose one of three options: OPTION 1: 1 Month Recurring $25.95 per month until canceled. OPTION 2: 5 Month Recurring - 33% off $17.16/month ($85.80 charged every 5 months until canceled) OPTION 3: 10 Month NON-Recurring - 44% off $14.38/month ($143.84 charged one time only, NO REBILLS) --------------------------------------------- Even with the price increase, VideoBox.com is still a great deal. "

Review by pike on 09-Nov-06 

" Plenty content, excellent value for money, movies are in top quality. Too bad they don't have hentai. "

Review by Horace on 09-Nov-06 

" Time to clean up your act, 5 points my ass! Slow download, what do you expect The main reason is that no matter how big they (Videobox) are, they are really ridiculously small compared the big mainstream non porn guys in general. Lets say they have 1000 members online at the same time downloading movies at a pretty standard US 1 Mbit/s connection, they need a 1000 Mbit/s pipe out to handle this traffic, well do they?, i dont think so...so its no wonder it goes down to a crawl. Nowadays many europeans (who are 1-2 years ahead of the US when it comes to internet connections) have a 10 Mbit/s up to 100Mbit/s! internet connections from their home, so do the math...just 10 members with a 100Mbit/s connection would be enough to fill up their pipe. Of course they can, and definitely do limit the bandwidth per user, possibly to 200-300 kbit/s this way they can at least make it work pretty ok most of the time. So when they claim there is no "download limit" they are not telling you the truth, since they sure use a bandwidth limit per user. The bottom line, watching movies on the www is not even remotely like watching it on your TV, (Ooops, to many are watching my TV-show...so, sorry no picture...now that would be a joke right :) no matter what they say. "

Review by Skee on 17-Sep-06 

" This is a great site until you have a problem. No one ever, and I do mean ever, answers your emails to solve your problems. "

Review by straight nuggets on 11-Sep-06 

" Occasionally it gets swamped, so you have to download rather than watch immediately, but hey the price/content is so good I guess everyone is on there. "

Review by Zadok on 11-Sep-06 

" Definitely the bast value on the net. The detail on DVD quality downloads adds so much to the enjoyment. Most sites I join for a month, download all I can, and resign. This site is so cheap and with so much new content, 5 new videos a day, I leave my membership open. "

Review by Shop Femina on 07-Jul-06 

" With the price of gas rising most people can still afford this great porn site. This is like the thrift store porn site on the internet! "

Review by Norris on 07-Jul-06 

" $10 Bucks for high quality vids, and now $15 bucks for DVD quality vids. And over 1200 movies and counting with 5 added every day, Insane goodness. "

Review by Dead Loss on 15-Jun-06 

" At this price they are giving it away - you certainly get more bangs for your Bucks. Other sites take heed. "

Review by Brasky on 24-May-06 

" All other sites suck ass compared to this one! "

Review by david on 30-Apr-06 

" downloads are too slow "

Review by Saif on 30-Apr-06 

" Best site ever, especially now with multiple updates a day over 800 full length vids. "

Review by mmll on 31-Mar-06 

" Best site ever - bar none...so cheap too!! "

Review by mac ten on 07-Feb-06 

" its the only site that lives up to its promises. red light district rocks. "

Review by Gman on 06-Feb-06 

" The Gonzo of all-u-can-eat video sites. F-ing fantastic. "

Review by Jack on 23-Oct-05 

" Love the site, have had no problems with access. Wrote the webmaster with a basic question when I signed up back in August. Haven't heard anything. Great price, all hard core but it covers all genres from pissing to creampie and, gosh, even straight sex, mish style!!! ;) "

Review by MJ on 28-Sep-05 

" Good stuff, delivers what's promised. No copy protection on the downloads so you're free to keep everything with no problems too. On the downside, during my 2 month signup I was notified 4 times by email that my password was changed due to my account being used by multiple users. "

Review by Carlos on 17-Sep-05 

" It sucks. No one answers your emails. It worked for a week, then my password no longer worked and no one would help me. "

Review by Liuyong on 16-Aug-05 

" Excellent! It's worth recommending. "

Review by Steven R. on 13-Mar-05 

" All I can say is, Wow! I've read alot of reviews of this site (and joined just yesterday) and let me tell you, it IS the best value I've ever seen! "

Review by Dynamo72 on 24-Jan-05 

" Been a member for over a year. For any porn lover with fast internet, this website is a must. Truly good value for $10 a month. "

Review by John Lee on 16-Mar-04 

" I thought it would suck for $10, but it rocks! "

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