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Sapphic Erotica

Reviewed by Newman on 24th October, 2012
Sapphic Erotica
Value for money: 
Av. Reader Rating: 
Amateur Group Lesbian Teens (18+) Broadband Pictures Video
'Pretty Girls Doing It Right!' exclaims this site. But how do you do it 'wrong'? Try fisting a knee? Hmm.

Sapphic Erotica is the type of site that comes along once in a while and makes you wonder why all porn sites can't be like this. Because there are really no frills to it at all - it's all perfectly simply set out with no navigation confusion or blind allies. It all makes the consumption of the material that much more enjoyable.

And the material is great. By sticking to teens and lesbian material, there could be a problem with variety, but you really don't notice because the material is just so good and professionally shot and presented, and the girls so very good at what they're doing. It really is great stuff.

The regular updates are also very impressive, and although not all of the material is exclusive, there is so much of it that you will find a literal goldmine of new stuff to enjoy. Quite simply, one of the best sites I've seen for quite some time.

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Readers' reviews
Review by jncster on 25-Mar-09 

" Absolutely wonderful. The girls are hot and seem really into it. "

Review by heidi on 03-Jul-08 

" very good "

Review by Limbo on 20-Sep-06 

" Absolutely awsome "

Review by chichi on 11-Sep-06 

" Love the site pretty cool pretty girls pretty pussies. "

Review by joi on 11-Sep-06 

" I loove this site it makes me wet in a matter of minuets "

Review by Justin on 30-Jul-06 

" Good site. To the guy who says to get a life: You're the one trolling this board telling others what to do. "

Review by monkey on 30-Jul-06 

" Beautiful, innocent-looking girls getting it on with each other, high quality downloadable movies some of which are even in 540p, and frequent updates. If you like hot girl on girl action (and who doesn't) what's not to like? "

Review by ^.^ on 30-Jul-06 

" omg they're so hottt except u have to pay for more lol that sucks. "

Review by Hamster on 30-Jul-06 

" ITs great! my friend "dash" love's the site! she's a lesbian and im not but WHAT THE HELL! it dont matter! were all mammels! SO LETS DO IT LIKE THEY DO IT ON THE DISCOVARY CHANNEL!!!! "

Review by Sam on 30-Jul-06 

" Fantastic. Just one thing i need to know to make it perfect - how did you guys get ur girl into it? i thought they wouldnt like it. i have a straight girlfriend (not bi) and would she like it? if so how would i introduce her to it? "

Review by Franjk Winkler on 07-Jul-06 

" Wow...great site! I wish I could get my wife interested in it. FW "

Review by Dana on 15-Jun-06 

" What can I say except I'm a born again pussy lover thanks to Sapphic Erotica! "

Review by Shill on 15-Jun-06 

" Why does everyone say, "Guys! OMG SHOW this TO UR LADY" LOL! Guys who visit this site who would be the kind to show it to their lady probably don't have ladies. "

Review by Penis Wrinkle on 15-Jun-06 

" Excellence! "

Review by Joe on 10-May-06 

" Get a life and find some real people you porn freaks! "

Review by Julieta Carolina on 06-May-06 

" My girlfriend and I love this site, everytime that we have time, we go to the site. I never seen a site like this, Violeta and I wet in minutes, because the girls are so beatiful and sexy, so incocent, so femenine, woaoo, that is all I can express for the moment, in few words, I love Sapphic Erotica "

Review by megan on 19-Apr-06 

" a lesbians dream "

Review by Megan on 10-Apr-06 

" It made me wet in 1 min 12 seconds great stuff "

Review by Mishel on 06-Apr-06 

" A too good site!Me and my girlfriend love it..we watch it and do it all!! "

Review by Anna on 06-Apr-06 

" damn this site is great it made me wet as hell...its enough to make a girl want to be a lesbian for life "

Review by Linus on 06-Apr-06 

" I couldn't find elsewhere such exciting scenes with so perfect pussies and breasts! "

Review by BigJim on 31-Mar-06 

" My girlfriend found this site. It is her favorite now. Mine too. The girls make it look so natural. Keep up the good work!! "

Review by mitch on 21-Feb-06 

" hi all...me and my boy friend loved this site so much it help us with OUR life...and the women....whew DAMN made me wet *snap* just like that guyz u have to show ur gurl this site and she'll be just like me and if she isnt then whatever hope u like it as much as i do ^.^ "

Review by Denise on 03-Feb-06 

" I'm a female, and my husband and I love this site! The women are gorgeous! Red heads, blondes, brunettes, all very natural looking--- no obviouos fake breasts, no cheesy backdrops, no stupid music or fake screaming. The girls are HOT and the scenes are HOT. I'm wet in a matter of minutes! Guys, show this site to your lady.... I'm sure she'll want in on it too! "

Review by Bob Abooey on 22-Dec-05 

" This site is amazing! Everything you could ever ask from a lesbian site. "

Review by chillin on 30-Nov-05 

" This is an amazing site. I haven't found another that can match it. "

Review by Max on 29-Sep-05 

" It's wonderful! So beatiful girls having fun while making love and kissing with lot of passion! "

Review by BigDaz on 21-Jul-05 

" Great stuff! "

Review by Joe on 14-Jul-05 

" An absolutely brilliant site! And it also looks like they may have a new site coming up. I cant wait! "

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