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Reviewed by The Man Who on 29th July, 2004
Value for money: 
Av. Reader Rating: 
Action Amateur Anal Anime Asian Bisexual Black/Inter-racial Blow Jobs Busty Cum-shots Fetish Gay Gonzo Group Lesbian Mature Pregnant Teens (18+) Voyeur Water Sports Broadband Pictures Video
For what’s basically a free porn site, XNXX goes surprisingly light on those pesky links, erroneous cross-sells and flashy pop-ups.

Navigation is particularly easy with each section – Movies, Pictures, Stories etc – split into sub sections – Anal, Asian, Blowjob etc – so your particular fetish can be found effortlessly through a number of different media mediums.

There really is an inexhaustible amount of content here and with alleged updates every 30 minutes (I have no evidence to dispute such claims!) you can’t go far wrong considering that your credit card is never in danger of vacating your wallet.

The links that do exist are ones you’ll probably want to check out and lead to more of the same from other such dedicated sites. There’s a cracking free movie archive – something of a rarity these days – as well as some great advice relating to pop-up prevention, dialers, spyware etc.

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Readers' reviews
Review by laoatian on 03-Nov-10 

" hope it comes back :( "

Review by dom on 03-Nov-10 

" best ever!!! "

Review by boo on 19-Apr-10 

" love it "

Review by heyy on 20-Jun-09 

" i absolutely LOVE this site...and whoever said u cant post comments yes u can...there are lots of time we go to this website to jackk and then ther i sometime go jst to see how many videos theyve updated to see wat i can jack to l8tr...they have over 110,000 porn videos thts enough to last a lifetime "

Review by jimmy on 18-Mar-09 

" best site ever "

Review by jimmy 1 on 16-Mar-09 

" i love this site. keep up the good work. "

Review by Sah on 30-Nov-08 

" Love it! Wish they hadn't removed the ability to leave comments though. Racists and sickos took that feature too far. "

Review by Jessie on 26-Aug-08 

" If only they had porn for girls on xnxx "

Review by Melikes on 05-Sep-07 

" Its the best free site i know. Easy to navigate, immense content and no shit popups or such things. Clear 5 "

Review by THOMAS on 01-May-07 

" wow a good site for whacking off "

Review by barebear on 11-Sep-06 

" GREAT SITE. A must for all serious masterbators! "

Review by Sad on 30-Jul-06 

" Be careful my computer crashed after visiting this site. "

Review by Surfer on 25-Jun-06 

" XNXX is a good site, but it has a couple of problems on the stories end. First of all, the rating system is bogus and great stories are hidden. Second of all, xnxx posts stories alleged as true that diplict child porn and other illegal acts. The free movies are awesome, though. "

Review by Kain on 15-Jun-06 

" I love XNXX - I Jerk off all the time when i'm on there! "

Review by N on 07-Jun-06 

" Jo leave the crack pipe already! There is no spyware on XNXX. Never has been! "

Review by Limebarb Cosplay on 24-May-06 

" Great site from a user and a provider standpoint. You can get lots of great content for free, as well as a lot of traffic is you post your content. A+++ "

Review by Jo on 24-May-06 

" It is free because xnxx.com is a spywear company that infects your computer and tracks your web use and looks for personal info... "

Review by LolFunnyGrl on 24-May-06 

" This site is like no other. It makes looking so easy and effortless. Very easy to navigate. Every type that you could imagine. FREE. And no crap to get in your way. Best thing in the world!!!! "

Review by mr palms on 01-May-06 

" XNXX is AMAZING. A virtual buffet of free pleasure. I give it 5 (porn) stars!!! "

Review by sexmachine on 19-Apr-06 

" pure brilliance ;-) "

Review by Drewbo on 16-Apr-06 

" *sob sob* i love xnxx, just made me the happpiest guy ever! made my day... or month.. or year! or whatever comes after that... "

Review by horny-guy on 10-Apr-06 

" best site ever and i would recomend it to anyone "

Review by LArge winer man on 03-Apr-06 

" Yay free porn whats better "

Review by Chris Horn on 29-Mar-06 

" Absolutely great, no bullshit sight. Great content and a particularly good midget section. " "

Review by SS on 29-Mar-06 

" Awesome site, lot's of content "

Review by Matt Charron on 15-Mar-06 

" I jurk off to this stuff like 5 times a day. Amazing Site!!! "

Review by Seckin Tipi on 15-Mar-06 

" More than wonderful! 4-5 times a day, 20 times a week.. "

Review by Isse on 15-Mar-06 

" It's soooo gooood, ahhhhh... "

Review by gaijdys on 04-Mar-06 

" good site.... "

Review by je on 04-Mar-06 

" Reaaaaaaaaly niiiice :D :D :D "

Review by mr bill on 20-Feb-06 

" really good site movie clips could be 2x as long pictures r clear "

Review by niceguy on 06-Feb-06 

" great for when you want a wank, but don't know what over yet "

Review by candice on 21-Jan-06 

" i love it.. usually 3 times a night "

Review by bell on 20-Jan-06 

" great...wonderful....all free site love it "

Review by Blue on 15-Jan-06 

" Still jerkin it. Thanks, XNXX "

Review by John on 19-Dec-05 

" Fantastic - made my day, week, month, year ........ "

Review by Charlie on 16-Dec-05 

" Better than any pay site I have found on the Internet, and it's all free. "

Review by wako on 15-Dec-05 

" a really nice variety of porn that never lets you down "

Review by robert on 07-Dec-05 

" Brilliant site. Easy to use. Great porn "

Review by Sally on 29-Nov-05 

" I have recommended it to all my friends. What a superb choice of porn! Whatever mood you're in! "

Review by me-me on 29-Nov-05 

" great for self-lovers "

Review by wanker on 20-Nov-05 

" xnxx - cant get much better than that "

Review by ben dit on 12-Nov-05 

" xnxx - no other better site - even my lady spends time on it -then time on me !! "

Review by R. Daneel Olivaw on 13-Sep-05 

" This site makes me wish there were more hours in the day. Self loving to the links at XNXX can fill many hours a day. "

Review by Vinny on 07-Sep-05 

" Absolutely great, no bullshit sight. Great content and a particularly good bukkake section. "

Review by Jordina Hivo on 06-Jul-05 

" I just want to say that I really love this website. "

Review by Horny Guy on 16-Jun-05 

" The bestest porn site in the world! "

Review by Looker on 09-Mar-05 

" Keep up the good work XNXX. Please! "

Review by butterfly on 14-Feb-05 

" the stories are awesome! the greatest site ever! "

Review by like it on 08-Feb-05 

" excellent site, diverse, pop up free, and best of all free, my#porn source "

Review by ray on 08-Feb-05 

" best porn site around. "

Review by mee on 09-Jan-05 

" I've used it for two years now...and it rules! "

Review by LOTR on 06-Jan-05 

" The best I know of! "

Review by horny-girl on 03-Jan-05 

" HOT STUFF!!! "

Review by reggie on 01-Jan-05 

" Days and days of free fun. Excellent "

Review by pooo on 30-Dec-04 

" awesome site "

Review by u-no on 30-Dec-04 

" Stupendous "

Review by surfer on 26-Aug-04 

" great "

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